OpenSIMPLY project

OpenSIMPLY is an open source free simulation modeling rutime library. It contains no adds, no limitations.

The OpenSIMPLY package is available as a zip-archive with the saved directory structure.

Free download the last stable release OpenSIMPLY 2.1.10.

OpenSIMPLY Memory Manager

Since the version 2.1.9 the OpenSIMPLY package contains the Simply Memory Manager, which replaces the Free Pascal native memory manager. Use this link to free download Simply Memory Manager only: SimplyMM 1.59.
OpenSIMPLY setup screenshot

OpenSIMPLY installation

  • Unpack the archive with the directory structure to the preferred location. It is recommended to use the name "OpenSIMPLY" for the unpacking directory. Do not forget to change the path to package file for other directory name.
  • Go to the subdirectory "bin" of "OpenSIMPLY" and launch the file "simply-setup.exe". Follow the instructions.
Launch the projects with the learning examples from the subdirectory "tutorial".

Watch the learning videos at OpenSIMPLY YouTube channel.

Follow the news and information at OpenSIMPLY Facebook page.

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