OpenSIMPLY last stable release

OpenSIMPLY is absolutely free simulation software. No adds, no limitation.

The OpenSIMPLY package is a zip-archive with saved directory structure.

Release of 25 October 2017 with new setup and new coroutine library is available for downloading: free download OpenSIMPLY.
OpenSIMPLY setup screenshot

OpenSIMPLY installation

Unpack downloaded archive with directory structure to the preferred location.
It is recommended to use the archive name as an directory name for unpacking.

Go to subdirectory "bin" of preferred location and launch the file "simply-setup.exe". Follow the instructions.

After finishing of installation run the file "tutorial-demo.exe" from subdirectory "demo" to check the library installation.
If it was successful the simulation example will be executed.

Launch projects with learning examples from subdirectory "tutorial".

Watch learning videos on OpenSIMPLY YouTube channel.

Show package structure

Installation of OpenSIMPLY for Delphi

Installation of OpenSIMPLY for Lazarus

Source file SimBase update

Users who downloaded a new or old package before October 26, 2017, please update also the OpenSIMPLY source file "SimBase.src".

1. Download updated source file SimBase.

2. Unpack archive into subdirectory "source" of existing OpenSIMPLY location, replacing old file "SimBase.src".

3. Launch "simply-setup.exe" from subdirectory "bin" of existing OpenSIMPLY location. Follow instructions.
Library installation can be skipped. Confirm the use of existing library on query dialog.
Obligatorily: confirm the conversion of SimBase. If IDE does not rebuild units do it manually.
Lazarus users also have to rebuild OpenSIMPLY Lazarus package.

Coroutine library upgrade

New coroutine library with no limitation and 25% faster as previous is released.
It is fully compatible with old releases of OpenSIMPLY.

Possible upgrade options:
  • Download new setup package containing coroutine library. Copy unpacked contents of archive to subdirectory "bin" of existing OpenSIMPLY location, replacing existing "simply-setup.exe". Replace file "SimBase.src" in subdirectory "source" with the new one from 25-Oct-2017 that is contained in this package. Launch "simply-setup.exe". Source conversion is needed for file "SimBase" only. Lazarus users have also rebuild OpenSIMPLY Lazarus package.
  • For manual update of library download library archive, unpack it, and copy new library file to the system directory:
    - on 32-bit Windows: "C:\Windows\system32\"
    - on 64-bit Windows: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\"

    That can be done with administrator rights only.

    Replace file "SimBase.src" in subdirectory "source" of existing OpenSIMPLY location with the new one from 25-Oct-2017 that is contained in this package. Convert source file "SimBase.src" in Lazarus or Delphi format to subdirectory "source" with comments converter "simply-cc". Lazarus users have to rebuild OpenSIMPLY Lazarus package.