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OpenSIMPLY download

The OpenSIMPLY package is a zip-archive with saved directory structure.

Release of 21 May 2017 with new setup is available for downloading: free download OpenSIMPLY.
OpenSIMPLY setup screenshot

OpenSIMPLY installation

Unpack downloaded archive with the directory structure to the prefered location.
It is recommended to use the archive name as an extract directory name.

Show the directory structure of the package

Go to the directory "bin" and launch the file "simply-setup.exe". Follow the instructions.

Run the file "tutorial-demo.exe" from the directory "bin" to check the library installation. If the installation was successfull the simulation example will be executed.

The videos below demonstarte the installation of OpenSIMPLY for Delphi and Lazarus IDE's.

The installation of OpenSIMPLY for Delphi users

The installation of OpenSIMPLY for Lazarus users

Watch simulation example videos on OpenSIMPLY YouTube channel.