Open source simulation software


OpenSIMPLY is an open source simulation software based on discrete event simulation approach. The project is built as a runtime library fully compatible with Delphi and Lazarus / Free Pascal.

The modeling with OpenSIMPLY is suitable for the person of any experience. The project contains two styles of computer simulation approach.

The easy one is the block simulation, where user connects the simulation blocks of a different types and enters the required parameters. The blocks are fully expandable in parameters and functionality.

The second approach is an advanced one, very similar to the Simula programming language. User can create more faster simulation model of any complexity. Even models in Simula with some adaptation can be used with.

Evaluate the examples of simulation models.

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Areas of use

  • Scientific modeling Any characteristic of the system being researched with the model requires several simulation points. For acceptable confidence interval the number of entities in the simulation model has to be great enough for every run through especially for complicated systems. This free simulation software runs fast, local or remote, with flexible formatted output for suitable forms, as for GUI as well as for console mode ... learn more
  • Network simulation OpenSIMPLY performs the network modeling for quite complicated cases. The network model is being created with the typical network simulation blocks. The total route of the packet over the network can be traced ... learn more
  • Traffic simulation The project was originally developed for traffic analysis with clear and simple modeling ideology. Built-in functions of traffic theory help to check the traffic simulation results for some degenerate cases, that gives a good possibility for model verification ... learn more
  • Education ... learn more

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Project features

  • Complete documentation of the project The project package containes the detailed documentaion of a different formats, the insight help (pop-up hints) for Delphi and Lazarus IDE's, and the step-by-step tutorial with executable examples.
  • Two styles of simulation. Even both styles can be used together. The simulation blocks can be used for the general description of system behaviour, and the critical section can be written with advanced simulation technique.
  • Deferred statistics gathering mode enables to take into account the steady state of the model. Certainly, the global and the selected statistics gathering modes are presented in the project too.
  • Dynamic model. The concent of OpenSIMPLY gives full flexibility of the model behaviour description. The blocks are allowed to relocate during the simulation. That means that the model can change its configuration on runtime.
  • Progress feature. That is a programmable interruption of the simulation process. This feature is suitable for watching of the model characteristics or the total simulation progress, for supplying the charts with the simulation data, for checking the execution of the model running on the remote computer.
  • Remote simulation. Functionally OpenSIMPLY is remote simulation ready.

Licenses and special requirements

OpenSIMPLY is an open source computer simulation software. It can be used according to the terms of GNU General Public License and GNU Free Documentation License. For using any part of OpenSIMPLY in a non free product (including commercial use) an additional agreement has to be concluded.

For extra agreements as also for extra features not implemented in the project (blocks, rules etc.) please write a message in the section Feedback with the selected subject "special requirements". The reasonable conditions will be offered.

Further development of the project

  • Visual designer of the models.
  • Statistics report generator.
  • Distributed simulation.