Important information: due to relocation download new setup for OpenSIMPLY. Please report the errors if any.

The new users can download the updated release containing new setup: Updated release of OpenSIMPLY from 21 May 2017

OpenSIMPLY tutor demo animation

What is that ?

OpenSIMPLY is a free simulation software for discrete event simulation.

The project is created as an open source runtime library .

The code of the project supports Delphi and Free Pascal ( Lazarus ).

Tutorial makes the learning easy and quick. Your first model can be written at once.

Full project help in HTML and CHM formats can be used with any IDE.

Insight help (pop-up hints) is available for Delphi and Lazarus.

Write the model ones. OpenSIMPLY output manager supports GUI and console modes.

Databases, visualisation, data formats etc. of Delphi and Lazarus can be used with.

04 August 2017: The project's homepage has received now its own web space. Therefore the setup program or the whole release has to be updated because of some links changing. Download new setup program for OpenSIMPLY. Release from 21 May 2017 with new setup can be download here: Updated release of OpenSIMPLY

21 May 2017: The new package containing minor changes and new setup program is released.

For whom it is designed ?

OpenSIMPLY is suitable for the person of any experience who wants to simulate with Delphi of Free Pascal.

The project can be used for science simulation , engineering simulation and education.

The model written in OpenSIMPLY practically requires no additional comments. The description of the model in terms of OpenSIMPLY gives clear image of the simulation actions.

Simula source printout

How to

The project consists of two hierarchically built units of a different simulation technique. The unit of high level simulation contains the set of typical queueing system simulation blocks. The ideology of the second unit is very close to Simula programming language. The Simula-sources with some adaptation can be used with OpenSIMPLY too.

In the section Examples you can evaluate the models written with OpenSIMPLY for block-style and for Simula-style.

Some benefits of the project

Licenses and special requirements

OpenSIMPLY is a free simulation software. You can use it according to the terms of GNU General Public License and GNU Free Documentation License. To use any part of OpenSIMPLY in non free product (including commercial use) the additional agreement has to be concluded on request.
For extra features (blocks, rules etc.) the reasonable conditions will be offered.

For any special requirements please write a message in the section Feedback.

Further development of the project

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