Discrete event simulation software

Discrete event simulation software provides an effective way for receiving characteristics of systems for cases when the data can not be obtained with analytics. Such simulation software uses discrete event simulation approach.

Simulation software with discrete event technique can be used for researching in many branches: network simulation, traffic simulation, industrial simulation amd much more. Discrete event simulation software can be applyed as for engineering purposes as well as for science and education.

OpenSIMPLY as a system modeling software with discrete event kernel is flexible for modification from application level down to kernel. The ideology of project suitable for person of any experience as in programming as well in simulation. The source code of project is compatible with syntax of Object Pascal compilers. Delphi and Free Pascal including Lazarus IDE are successfully tested.

Simulation styles

OpenSIMPLY offers two styles of simulation: block simulation and Simula-like simulation.

Block simulation, easy one, requires from user minimum knowlege about discrete event simulation functionality. User should only to connect selected simulation blocks of a different types and specifies parameters. If user needs in some special block that is not present yet, user can modify nearest appropiate existing block. Blocks are fully expandable in parameters and functionality.

Simula-like simulation style is an advanced one. This style is very similar to Simula programming language discrete event simulation kind. User can create more faster simulation models of any complexity. Even the models in Simula with some adaptation can be used with OpenSIMPLY.

The easiness of block simulation with OpenSIMPLY can be evaluate on examples of simulation models.

The learning videos can help also to understand some aspects of discrete event simulation.

OpenSIMPLY tutorial contains the practical examples with detailed description. All of them are ready to compile.

The project documentation is available in different formats and compatible with any IDE.

Download OpenSIMPLY to play around.