Science software

Fast simulation runtime

For simulation software using not for educational purposes only but primary for scientific research the value of simulation runtime is of paramount importance.

Why, in fact, is simulation necessary for research? It is necessary to obtain the characteristics of the system being studied in case when no analitical formula is exist. Generally, any characteristic after the simulation runthroug is represented by a data point of researched function. One simulation runthrough brings an only data point. Two data points can describe a linear function only. Because the most functions are non linear and even with quite complicated behaviour too, a few data points mostly describe the function wrong. Only a great enough number of data points describe researched function quite precise (the curve is smooth).

Provided that for characteristic of the system at least several simulation points are required, the reducing of simulation runtime is a very important task. It has to be noticed also that if the system is quite large, the simulation takes much time for bringing the model to the steady state. Therefore for the case where a large number of simulation points has to be received, the task of runtime minimization is on the first place.

The execution of the simulation model with OpenSIMPLY is quite fast. It is fast enough as for scientific research as well as for real time industrial system control.

Convenient data output

Scientific software has to be able to get results in the appropriate form with the required output format for console and graphics applications (GUI). To obtain a number of simulation points for different input data of the model a good solution is to launch the simulation program in batch mode and accumulate outputting data in some file.

The model in OpenSIMPLY can be launched as GUI (for example for watching of live charts of system dynamics) or as console application if the execution time is important. The outputting routines are flexible configurable for individual and structured data in convenient form for GUI and console modes. The Delphi and Free Pascal / Lazarus libraries give also possibility to save simulation data in databases and visualize the data using charts.

OpenSIMPLY is remote simulation ready. The simulation model can be executed as on local as also on remote computer with Samba or similar pipe-like data transferring protocols. The remote simulation of the model can be watched and evaluated on runtime.

Discrete event simulation software OpenSIMPLY is absolutely free. Try it. Free download. Free use.