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Using COMTAY with Lazarus 3.0

This applies to Lazarus 3.0 users on Windows

Lazarus 3.0 has changed the behavior of the project's working directory, which affects the current directory of the executable.

The working directory must now be explicitly specified in the project parameters, if the output directoty for the executable differs from the project directory.

This affects the assignment of the relative path to the COMTAY shared libraries. If the COMTAY shared library is not installed in the Windows system directory, running any tutorial project will result in library loading error.

This change in Lazarus will be taken into account in future releases of COMTAY.

For existing release there two solutions. Feel free to ask a question.

Solution #1

You only need to make a single change to the corouty.src file and to the corouty.pas file if it already exists.

File location: COMTAY_directory \ include \ pas \

You should find the '..\..\..\..\..\' substring and change it to '..\..\..\'

Code fragment

Actual code
            LibPath: TCoString = 
              {$ifdef MSWINDOWS} '..\..\..\..\..\'{$endif MSWINDOWS}
              {$ifdef LINUX}''{$endif LINUX};

After your changes
            LibPath: TCoString =
              {$ifdef MSWINDOWS} '..\..\..\'{$endif MSWINDOWS}
              {$ifdef LINUX}''{$endif LINUX};

Solution #2

You need to specify the string: lib\$(TargetCPU)-$(TargetOS)

In the Working directory field. ( Lazarus menu: Run -> Run Parameters... -> Working directory )

Confirm with OK button. Save the project.

This change must be made to every project you want to use with Lazarus 3.0.
Lazarus Run Parameters