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Simulation modeling examples

Simple simulation example

The product which offers some programming approach can be evaluated by how easy user with no experience of this product can make the first step.

A traditional example of the easiest code for conventional programming languages is the output of "Hello, world!" to the screen. However, such example for discrete-event simulation should be represented by a model. So, the simplest appropriate model should be chosen.

A model of a single server loss system is such a suitable case. This is the simplest classical queuing theory system. It should be noted that this is a degenerate case, since there is no queue as such in this system.

So, the entities flow in this system arrives as a Poisson process with exponentially distributed interarrival time. The service time value is exponentially distributed too. According to Kendall's notation this is a M/M/1 loss system.

Block simulation model of M/M/1 loss system.

Simula-like simulation model for the same system.
M/M/1 loss system

Queuing theory simulation examples

Here are some block simulation examples of classical queuing theory systems.

Download executable examples built with OpenSIMPLY. No installation is required.