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Simulation modeling software

A new version of OpenSIMPLY is about to be released.

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Currently, the actual version of OpenSIMPLY 4.0.2 is available.

Download OpenSIMPLY 4.0.2. Download failed?

Warning: In Lazarus 3.0, the behavior of the project working directory has changed affecting existing projects. Read how to solve this.

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OpenSIMPLY is free simulation software.
The OpenSIMPLY package is a zip-archive common for Windows and Linux, for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, for Delphi and Free Pascal.

Learn about the OpenSIMPLY installation.

Feel free to ask a question or report an issue.

Executable simulation demos

The OpenSIMPLY demos are full functional simulation models already compiled into executable binaries for Windows and Linux.

Simulation demos require no any installation, even the OpenSIMPLY.

OpenSIMPLY components

OpenSIMPLY consists of components that can be used separately. You may like them.