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OpenSIMPLY 2.5.0 released. The version contains minor fixes, GUI improvement and new features.

OpenSIMPLY supports Windows and Linux, 32- and 64-bit platforms, graphical and terminal applications.

Write your model once - simulate anywhere. Easy and very fast. Free download simulation software.

The collection of OpenSIMPLY practical demos has been extended.

Download executable models of call centers and examples of Queueing Theory.

Main call center metrics can be obtained after simulation. No installation is required.

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OpenSIMPLY is open source simulation modeling software based on a discrete event simulation approach.

The project is a free simulation runtime library compatible with Delphi, Lazarus, Free Pascal.

Simulation with OpenSIMPLY is suitable for people of any experience. The project offers two styles of computer simulation.

The first style is block simulation. A certain block represents ready to use model component. The blocks should be connected in the required order, and the necessary parameters may be specified. Any simulation blocks can be extended in terms of parameters and functionality.

The second approach is Simula-like simulation. This style is the advanced one and very similar to the Simula programming language. The user may create more faster simulation model of any complexity. Even the models in Simula with some adaptation can be used with OpenSIMPLY.

Creating a simulation model with OpenSIMPLY is very easy - just a few lines and the model is ready to run. See examples to appreciate the simplicity.

OpenSIMPLY contains detailed documentation, insight help (pop-up hints) for Delphi and Lazarus and a tutorial with executable examples for step by step learning. Watch learning videos.

Areas of use

  • Science software Any characteristic of the system under study using the model requires al least several simulation points, in practice quite a lot. For acceptable confidence interval, the number of entities in the simulation model should be sufficiently great for run, especially for complex systems. OpenSIMPLY runs fast, able for multi-run simulation, and has a flexible formatted output, suitable as for approximation tables as well for visualization ... learn more
  • Traffic simulation The project was originally developed for traffic analysis with clear and simple modeling ideology. The built-in routines of traffic theory help validate simulation results for some degenerate cases, which makes it possible to verify even complex models ... learn more
  • Network simulation OpenSIMPLY performs modeling for fairly complex and large networks. Built-in router rules and conditional diverting make it easy to create a model for typical architectures. The overall route of the packet through the network can be traced and analyzed ... learn more
  • Education Open SIMPLY is great for educational purposes. Because of the strongly typed programming language, beginners make fewer mistakes, but may pay more attention to studying the simulation approach ... learn more

Project features

  • Two styles of simulation. Even both styles can be used together. The simulation blocks can be used for the general description of system behavior, and the critical section can be written with advanced simulation technique. The simulation model can be written as in Delphi as well as in Lazarus and Free Pascal.
  • The deferred statistics gathering mode allows user to take into account the steady state of the model. Certainly, global and selected statistics gathering modes are presented in the project too.
  • Dynamic model. OpenSIMPLY provides full flexibility to describe the behavior of the model. Blocks are may be relocated during the simulation, and a model can change its configuration on runtime.
  • Remote simulation. Functionally OpenSIMPLY is remote simulation ready. The progress of a model running on a remote computer can be checked using a programmable interruption of the simulation process.

Licenses and special requirements

OpenSIMPLY is free computer simulation software. Learn more about the using.

For extra agreement or for extra features please write a message in the section Feedback. The reasonable conditions will be offered.

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