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COMTAY coroutine manager

The COMTAY makes it easy to create and manage coroutines in Delphi and Free Pascal.

Using COMTAY, a procedure or method can easily be converted to a coroutine for Delphi and Free Pascal. See the example for Delphi and Free Pascal.

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Warning: In Lazarus 3.0, the behavior of the project working directory has changed, affecting existing projects. Read how to solve this.

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Learn about the COMTAY installation.

COMTAY is free software; you can use it or redistribute under the terms of the End-User License Agreement.

Feel free to ask a question or report an issue.

Basic info

COMTAY implements coroutines in both procedural and class-based programming.

With the COMTAY you can use specific features such as exceptions.

COMTAY runs on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, on Windows and Linux.

Since the COMTAY implements the cooperative multitasking in form of fulstack asymmetric coroutines, the programmer can apply a maximum of algorithmic ideas. In addition, COMTAY provides an "orphan task adoption" approach that increases algorithmic capabilities.

COMTAY contains thread-safe functions for coroutine control.

The coroutine manager is the core of the OpenSIMPLY simulation software in Object Pascal. Therefore, COMTAY was originally developed to match Delphi and Free Pascal. But since COMTAY is a software that can be used as a standalone product, I decided to make it more universal for compatibility with other programming languages.

COMTAY currently supports calling conventions for Delphi, Free Pascal, MS Visual C++, and GNU C++.