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Simulation modeling software

The OpenSIMPLY package is a zip-archive common for Windows and Linux, for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Download latest stable version OpenSIMPLY 2.5.0.

If the download fails, send a message.

Learn about the OpenSIMPLY installation. OpenSIMPLY is a free software.

Executable simulation demos

The OpenSIMPLY practical demos are full functional simulation models already compiled into executable binaries.

Every demo model was built as a single file and requires no installation of OpenSIMPLY and Corouty library.

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OpenSIMPLY setup screenshot

OpenSIMPLY installation

Unpack the archive with the directory structure to the preferred location.

Show package structure

On Windows

  • Go to the subdirectory "bin/windows".
  • Launch the file "simply-setup.exe".

On Linux

  • Go to the subdirectory "bin/linux".
  • Make the file "" executable: chmod +x
  • Launch it: ./
  • Learn more in the file "linux_users.txt".

After installation

Launch the projects with the learning examples from the subdirectory "tutorial".

Watch learning videos on OpenSIMPLY installing.

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OpenSIMPLY components

OpenSIMPLY consists of components that can be used seperately.

OpenSIMPLY Memory Manager

Starting with version 2.1.9, the OpenSIMPLY package contains a Simply Memory Manager.
It replaces the Free Pascal native memory manager on Windows. Lazarus friendly.

Free download Simply Memory Manager 1.62.