Free simulation software

OpenSIMPLY project is free simulation software that can be used under the terms of GNU General Public License GPLv3 and GNU Free Documentation License FDLv1.3. For using any part of OpenSIMPLY in a non-free product (including commercial use) an additional agreement has to be concluded.

OpenSIMPLY is an open source system modeling software based on discrete event simulation approach. The source code of the project is compatible with the syntax of Object Pascal compilers such as Delphi and Free Pascal including Lazarus as an additional IDE.

The project may be used as research simulation modeling software as well as educational or even industrial. It is free for any extensions: distribution laws, selection rules, blocks, functions or any other additional components.

OpenSIMPLY can be successfully used as scientific modeling software. The execution of the simulation model is quite fast to receive a number of simulation points in a short time.

The project may be run as a graphical application or in terminal, on Windows and Linux, on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

OpenSIMPLY tutorial contains practical examples with detailed description. All of them are ready to compile.

The project documentation is available in different formats and compatible with any IDE.

Discrete event simulation software OpenSIMPLY is absolutely free. Try it. Free download. Free use.