Science software

Fast simulation runtime

For simulation software that is used not only for educational purposes, but mainly for scientific research, the simulation runtime value is of paramount importance.

Why, in fact, simulation modeling is necessary while researching? It is used to obtain the characteristics of the system under study in the case when the analytical formula does not exist or the computational complexity of this formula does not allow obtaining the result within a reasonable time.

In general, any characteristic after the simulation run is represented by a data point of researched function. One simulation run brings in a only data point that cannot be used to describe a function. Even two data points can only describe a linear function. Since most functions are non-linear and often have a rather complex behavior, even a few data points basically describe a function incorrectly. Only a sufficiently large number of data points describes the function quite accurate, the curve in the graph will be smooth.

Provided that for characteristic of the system at least several simulation points are required, the reducing of simulation runtime is very important task. It has to be noticed also, that if the system is quite large, the simulation run takes much time for bringing the model to the steady state. Therefore for the case where a large number of simulation points must be received, the task of runtime minimization is prior.

The execution of the simulation model with OpenSIMPLY is quite fast. It is fast enough as for scientific research as well as for real time industrial system control.

Convenient data output

Scientific software should be able to output the results in the appropriate form with the required format for console and graphics applications. To obtain a number of simulation points for a different initial data of the model, a good solution is to launch the model repeatedly and accumulate the outputting data in some file.

The outputting routines of OpenSIMPLY provide flexible formatting for individual and structured data in forms convenient for GUI and console modes. Simulation results can be stored in databases using Delphi, Free Pascal, Lazarus features. Live simulation data can be visualized using diagrams or charts.

OpenSIMPLY is remote simulation ready. The simulation model can be executed on a remote computer with Samba or similar data transfer protocol. The model progress or visualization of specified parameters can be watched on local computer.

Discrete event simulation software OpenSIMPLY is absolutely free. Try it. Free download. Free use.