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Science software

OpenSIMPLY is scince software package that allows to investigate systems of a great enough complexity using discrete event simulation modeling.

Why and when, in fact, simulation modeling is necessary while researching? This approach is used to obtain the characteristics of the system under study in the case when the analytical formula does not exist or when the formula is exist but its computational complexity does not allow to obtain the result within a reasonable time.

Results validity

Discrete event simulation is a statictical approach of computer simulation. A characteristic of the system under study is represented by values of researched function when it comes to simulation modeling. One simulation run brings in an only value (simulation point) that cannot be used to describe a function. Even two values can only describe a linear function.

Since most functions are non-linear and often have a rather complex behavior, even a few values basically describe a function incorrectly. For correct representation of the characteristic of the system under study a sufficiently large number of values only can describe a function quite accurate. In practice, for a good (smoothed) characteristic, quite a few such values are needed.

Simulations poins

Besause every value of investigated function is a simulation point, it should be now define how precisly simulation model gives out the data. For an acceptable error of simulation result for a given confidence interval the number of entities (objects) in the simulation model should be large enough to run. This is especially important for large and/or complex systems.

The second, what has to be emphasized is that the correct result can be obtained when the system (and corresponding model) has reached the steady state. The steady state im simulation modeling is the point when the system is stable enough. That means that duraing the simulation run a great number of entities shuold be gone the model through until the model reaches the steady state. Only after steady state the statistics gathering has been started. So, for an only simulation point the receiving a great enough amount of ststistical experiments (simulation runs) should be done.

Fast simulation runtime

Therefore, for an only simulation point a great number of entities has to be generated and to be run through the model. The inference is: the simulation software should work very fast (and, of course, correctly) so that you do not have to wait a few days (or months) to get the results. Thus, for simulation software which is used for scientific research, the value of the simulation runtime is of a critical importance. Especially for large complex systems (minding steady state case) the runtime minimization is really prior.

Convenient data output

Scientific software should be able to output the results in the appropriate form with the required format (ideally both for console and for graphical application). To obtain a number of simulation points for a different initial values of a model, a good solution is to launch the model repeatedly and accumulate the outputting data in some file, preferrably in a table form.

Science software OpenSIMPLY

OpenSIMPLY meets all obove mentioned requiremens of science software for discrete event simulation modeling.