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Discrete-event simulation in Delphi

Simulation modeling is an effective method to receive the results that cannot be obtained by other means.

Simulation and modeling in Delphi is easy and very convenient to realize using discrete-event simulation software. The Object Pascal programming language makes it easy to create a discrete-event simulation model in a few lines.

The OpenSIMPLY is free and open source software for modeling and simulation in both the Delphi IDE and only using the Delphi compiler.

All project components are free to use as a non commercial software, private or pubic.

They can be used according to the terms of GNU General Public License GPLv3, Lesser General Public License LGPLv3 and GNU Free Documentation License FDLv1.3.
The OpenSIMPLY setup can prepare the sources to be used with Delphi Help Insight (pop-up help).

Detailed documentation in html and chm format is available for use in your preferred viewer.

The OpenSIMPLY tutorial contains the executable examples with detailed description, and can be used without OpenSIMPLY installation.

The components of OpenSIMPLY are flexible and expandable for any purposes of simulation modeling.

With the high simulation performance of the OpenSIMPLY, models can be excuted so fast that you can get a large number of simulation runs in a short amount of time.

The project as a science software can be successfully used both in scientific research and in education.