Discrete event simulation in Delphi

The OpenSIMPLY is a free discrete event simulation library for simulation and modeling in Delphi. The project contains the source files of simulation modeling library. The OpenSIMPLY uses very few special features, so that it can be surely used with the Delphi Starter edition as well. The sources can be used with the Delphi insight help. In addition, the project contains the documentation in html- and chm- formats. All these components are free to use as a non commercial software, private or pubic.

OpenSIMPLY can be used according to the terms of GNU General Public License GPLv3 and GNU Free Documentation License FDLv1.3. Learn more about the terms of General Public License and Free Documentation License.

The components of OpenSIMPLY are flexible and expandable for any purposes of simulation modeling. The project can be successfully used as a scientific software and educational software. The execution of the simulation model with OpenSIMPLY is fast enough to receive a number of simulation points in a short time. This advantage of the the project can be used for real time simulation (for example in the industrial simulation).

OpenSIMPLY tutorial contains practical examples with detailed description. All of them are ready to compile.

The project documentation is available in different formats and compatible with any IDE.

Discrete event simulation software OpenSIMPLY is absolutely free. Try it. Free download. Free use.