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Open source discrete-event simulation software

The OpenSIMPLY project is an open source software for computer simulation and modeling based on discrete-event simulation approach (DES). The source code of the project is compatible with the syntax of Object Pascal compilers such as Delphi and Free Pascal including Lazarus as an open source IDE.

OpenSIMPLY is free software. It can be used according to the terms of GNU General Public License GPLv3 and GNU Free Documentation License FDLv1.3. Third-party items such as binary executables, including runtime libraries as well as shared libraries, may be used in accordance with the terms of the End User License Agreement for the respective item.

The OpenSIMPLY components are flexible and expandable for any purposes of system simulation. The project can be successfully used as a scientific modeling software. OpenSIMPLY uses minimum system specific components. The simulation model in OpenSIMPLY run quite fast to receive a large number of simulation results in a short time. So, the OpenSIMPLY simulation software has very high simulation performance.

OpenSIMPLY has built-in formatted data input and output for both console and graphical application modes. The models can be run in the suitable environments, even remotely.