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Simulation modeling

Simulation is an efficient technique of scientific research. To be more precise, this is simulation modeling.

Is simulation modeling really necessary? Actually, yes, and here's why.

Simulation modeling is actually necessary to be applied in two cases. Firstly, if the characteristics of the system under study cannot be obtained, since there is no exact formula. Secondly, if an exact formula is available, but its computational complexity does not allow to obtain the result in a reasonable time.

One widely used simulation modeling approach is discrete-event simulation. It can be applied in many fields: simulation of telecommunication systems, simulation of transport systems, network simulation, road traffic simulation, railway station simulation, warehouse simulation, airport simulation, space object simulation, etc. In other words, it can be applied for many engineering purposes.

Discrete-event simulation software provides an efficient way to obtain the characteristics of the system under study.

Simulation modeling is also an effective technique for scientific research.

OpenSIMPLY is free and open-source simulation software that can be effectively used as both scientific software and educational software.